Jackpot Paradise Casino

Treat yourself to the feels and reels of Las Vegas with Jackpot Paradise Casino. This online mainstay keeps ‘The City of Lights' as the main theme. This theme helps keep the layout and structure close to that of Vegas supremacy. Incredible welcome packages greet the user at every turn, keeping refreshing and relevant offers in a steady stream. Allocation of the side tabs and casino locations is drawn in a simple nature, allowing users the ease of access they deserve. The casino is also backed by many sources of high authority, ensuring that certification and security measures are kept in check. The game selection expands to just under 1,000 unique options, keeping the variety scaled at a high level. Let's take a deeper look at the casino and detail some of the important areas surrounding this mainstay.

History and Development

The casino found it's traction in early 2012. This casino is owned and operated by ProgressPlay Limited. Being a part of this family affords the casino the luxury of top-notch development and consistent updates to handle new technology formats and create new settings for gameplay. The casino is verified by the Malta Gaming Authority and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. These two acting sources carry high amounts of regulation in their operating territories, with their seal of approval representing a sound and secure gaming environment for users.

ProgressPlay Limited is an established brand that has accumulated over a decade of accolades for their online establishment contributions. They partner with many online casinos to infuse these sources with their machines and gameplay options. Current ProgressPlay workings are moving toward the virtual space. This experience brings a more personable environment to the screen of the user, allowing for simple interactions. They also have released many different live table games which feature a real dealer. This takes the guessing games out of the conversation and moves toward the ststraightforwardpproach the user craves.

Website Format

The theme of the site closely mimics that of a Las Vegas experience. Everything from the opening title sign down to the style of games is tailored to the Vegas environment. Users will note that tabs are created at the top of the website. These tabs simply allocate information for the users. A simple click with redirect the user to the correct locations, providing the terms of search they are seeking. The middle of the page features a slide show banner that lists the latest offers from the casino, details new games being released at the casino, and touches on the seasonal promotions the casino is currently offering. At the bottom of the homepage is the affiliates associated with the casino. Anything from deposit/withdrawal sources to awards and certification sites are located in this section. This provides a small space for additional research from the users. Each logo or image can be clicked on to detail the element in the pictures.

Promotional Offers

Jackpot Paradise offers a very forgiving welcome package to users. The package is comprised of the first three deposits made, allowing the user for up to $800 of free playing cash. The first deposit a user makes stands to receive a 100% match for up to $200. The second deposit matches your cash at a 50% rate for up to $300. The third deposit, or the cherry on top, represents a 100% cash match for up to $300. These offers all carry a playthrough amount, which comes in at 50x bonus earnings. This is a relatively standard amount of paythrough across online establishments. The casino also offers the users the opportunity to sample from special bonus machines that increase your winnings and help you blow past that playthrough amount.

Aside from the initial welcome package, the user can enjoy additional offers by signing up for Jackpot Paradise's E-Club. This will afford the user weekly updates and will also carry some additional cash-back offers and bonus play opportunities. Applying is simple and free of charge for the user. Also free to the user is the notion of comp points. Each time you visit and play at the casino, whether it be table games or slots, you accumulate comp points. Stack up the points and exchange them for exclusive prizes and bonus bankroll increases.

The casino also releases a promotional schedule that re-occurs on a weekly basis. Certain days of the week have been set aside to carry exclusive offers. These offers include cash deposit matches, free spins for coins on bonus wheels, exclusive tournament plays, and other such goodies. These offers occur 365 days a year, allowing the user to match their playing preference to the bonus offer of their choosing. The seasonal offerings also heat up around the major holidays. Sometimes these offers will carry month-long stabilities and will be limited at other periods. Whatever the case may be, ensure you are browsing through these options to make certain you are gaining the most bonus plays for your deposits.

Gameplay Options

The variety of gameplay options is truly what makes Jackpot Paradise stand out on a casino comparison basis. They largest majority of their offerings extends from the slot machine space. Housing more than 1,000 machines in total, Jackpot Paradise does a great job of infusing their options with relevant content, while still catering to classical formatting of old. 3-reel, 5-reel, 3D, and virtual slots make-up the different formatting options. The releases take box office hits and turn them into interactive gameplay formats at the comfort of your screen. Trending topics and popular themes are also transmitted into gaming options for the user. The slots area also features keyword searches, allowing users to narrow down their selection screen with a few key terms. This helps the user easily find the options they are looking for. The slots page also pays special attention to progressive jackpot items and new releases. This helps the user experience new gameplay formats that they may not be accustomed to, with the progressive jackpots extending to some of the largest winnings in the online marketplace.

The table games also cater to the classical player and introduces new formats to heighten the excitement surrounding these favorites. Multiple hand poker options keep the user on their toes as they are tasked to follow their cards and chips closely. Some of the table games feature mini wager options, allowing users to double or triple their earnings with ease. The classical options like Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette, and Blackjack are all made available to the user in their old-fashioned glory. Test your skills at exclusive tournaments as you compete for supremacy over other users of the site.

Video poker is also made available to the user. The video poker machines at Jackpot Paradise carry some of the best online odds in their field, making them a fitting kick-around for users looking to turn a positive return and still enjoy the excitement of a casino experience. Bingo and scratch cards are two additional pieces that the casino offers. These offerings carry few options when compared to the table game and slot offers, but they still host a few differing selections for interested parties.

Two advancements that the casino is working towards involves the notion of live casino games and virtual experiences. The live stream garners the attention of the user because it helps them create a more personable and interactive experience. The user can actively view the dealer and see the items being dealt, leaving little up to chance or little foul play introduction. This keeps some at ease and it helps the user interact with other players. This helps set the table for an atmosphere that mimics live casino playing. The virtual experience is also gaining traction with this online mainstay. The casino is attaching this experience to a few of their slot machine titles. These virtual options mesh 3D entertainments with life-like instances of video play and bonus plays. These experiences help immerse the user into a visual stream of excellence. It also helps create popular storylines that are easy for the user to follow. The virtual experience represents a progressive gameplay option that is truly the first of its kind for the online marketplace.


The casino carries a bevy of different options when it comes to funding or taking from your account balance. All major debit and credit cards are carried, as well as funding from online banks, pay cards, and other such likenesses. This gives the user the flexibility they need to get their funds to and from the site. The site is also highly encrypted, ensuring that all of your transactions are kept secure and private.

Customer Support

The staff that is employed at Jackpot Paradise casino extends to many years of customer service. This team is comprised of individuals who are highly trained and versed in the field of online gaming. Some extend their experience back to live casino play, which gives them an intel they need to service their users. The support staff is made available to the user on a 24/7 basis, allowing for answers to all of your burning questions at any time of the day or night. The team can also be accessed via e-mail.

The security support staff also helps eliminate any foul play. They utilize firewall sources that keep your information safe and protected each time you visit. This dedication to customer service and security is what makes Jackpot Paradise a shining example of a sound online casino.